Restaurant interior with art installation

At CNSTRCT we offer high level consulting services for this exact reason. The senior team members would be able to meet with you and your teams to understand the project, advise on the initial approach, identify the bigger risks and then advise on mitigation, typical project strategy, additional teams you may need and anything else releavant for your project(s).

With the varied experience our teams have, we truly can and do add value with this type of service. This can be limited to preconstruction service, where you will quickly see that the time and money spent here, will save you significant amounts of money and time later down the project. We can also continue these services throughout the project, to provide the reassurance that you have the right professionals looking at your project, asking the right questions and making the team think in the right ways to achieve your intent.

To date, we have helped our clients with a multitude of services including site selections, operational offerings and types of development uses, project branding, team selections, as well as business expansion and hotel or store rollouts.

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  • Site selection and entitlements
  • Operation and Tenant Recommendations
  • Broker Coordination
  • Marketing Coordination
  • Risk¬†identification prior to construction, with recommendations for mitigation. Then early warning of potential issues and recommendations for resolution during the project.
  • Cost & Project Reporting. Initial and Monthly.¬†
  • Verification of expenditure and approval of drawdowns
  • Design and Construction Team management and reviews