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Some of the senior CNSTRCT team are qualified quantity surveyors, which was the original cost management discipline born out of the UK. The role of the QS has transitioned into much more of a cost management role as the industry has evolved, where we now need to truly manage the finances and the processes from beginning to end.

As well as our clients who need to be able to always understand where they are at with budget to actual costs, increases, upcoming changes and value engineering. Which is why our custom cost reporting systems are so effective, as we are able to tailor these to each individual project and client team.

Our expert cost managers can be utilized from initial conceptual budgets all the way through to the project’s final accounts. The cost managers deal with all areas of the cost and commercials, such as cash flows, monthly project cost reporting, bid levelling, design team or contractor price change reviews, procurement strategies, etc. We have an in-depth understanding of our client's goals, empowering your decisions with our depth of knowledge and project understanding.

  • Budgeting, estimating, and planning to proactively manage development, design and construction costs.
  • Monthly cost reporting so you always know where your money is being spent
  • Add Services and Change order reviews. Optimizing cost performance at every stage 
  • Risk Management for clients by identifying and managing specific cost issues against contractual obligations. 
  • Using market intelligence to advise on best value in the markets
  • Each of our CM’s will have a singular focus on the project but stay coordinated with both our teams and the projects teams, so that there is coordinated management and success.