18SH Building (Rendering)

Our role is to act as an independent manager with your firm’s direct interest in mind, in regard to the successful completion of your project. We typically perform these types of services for clients who have a great idea or loose plan, have identified the opportunity, know the type of site or space they want, but are unsure on all the steps needed to be taken from concept to full operations. As well as when a real estate owner or group simply wants to hire an on the ground team and engage in a turnkey solution.

On your behalf we would liaise with lenders, attorneys, real estate experts, full project teams, etc at every stage of a development, to ensure that everyone has the right understanding of the relevant aspects of a project and ensure that it all remains fully coordinated. This allows us to identify and manage anything that can affect the overall project, the actual real estate and financial side of the development.

With this service we can also bring in our cost and project management teams to fully control the commercial and delivery sides of the project. Taking on all the day to day responsibilities and allowing you to focus on your business, further developments or whatever else you have going on.

  • Site selection and assessing initial basis/value
  • Approvals and entitlements
  • Operation and Tenant Procedures/Recommendations
  • Broker Coordination (residential, commercial, retail, debt, etc.)
  • Marketing Coordination
  • Risk identification prior to construction, with recommendations for mitigation. Early warning of potential issues and recommendations for resolution during the project.
  • Cost & Project Reporting, both initial and monthly.
  • Verification of expenditure and approval of drawdowns
  • Design and Construction Team selection and management 
  • Development of a milestone schedule 
  • Manage the development of a boilerplate legal agreements
  • Management of operators or management companies for completed operations