CNSTRCT was formed to provide premium construction and development consulting services to the North American Markets. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, the senior team are made up of real estate lawyers, design & construction experts, chartered cost managers, analysts and project managers. It’s this wealth of knowledge that allows us to provide an elevated service, take a holistic look at the projects, then allowing us to zero in on the relevant areas and provide full services from start to finish.

CNTSRCT is never short of ambition and its something that is carried by each team member. This enables us to naturally go above and beyond any existing or traditional business offering similar services. The only thing that can be considered “typical” at CNSTRCT is the name of some services we provide. Everything else we do is unique to us as a company and unique to you as a client.

As a business we embrace evolution, through all areas whether internally or externally within the industries and markets we operate in. Particularly when it comes to technology. As such we utilise the latest technologies to coordinate, manage and deliver all of our services. We work closely with the rest of the project teams and vendors to question approaches, methods and strategies, making sure we are always working effectively and efficiently.

Challenging ourselves and our teams in a consistent manner allows for an efficient approach, more sense of uniqueness to each client/project and keeps ourselves at the top of our game.

For CNSTRCT to be created, it was vital that we establish and hold certain core values to the business. These will need to be fully adopted by all team members throughout our business. These values will become the core of the business, as taking the values into the hearts of each team member will fulfil the overall vision and journey of the business itself. 

  • Accountability & Ownership
  • Communication
  • Integrity, Manners & Respect
  • Innovation & Consistent Learning
  • One Team, One Goal
  • Think First

We are building a unique business with CNSTRCT and therefore welcome a somewhat harder journey for us as a company and as individuals. However, we do truly believe that CNSTRCT can fill the void of the modern-day consultant and take the opportunity to put the energy and time into the business to support its success.


We want to collaborate with the best teams, on the right projects and in wonderful places.

Our Team

Charlie Gilbert

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Our Team

Charlie Gilbert

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings, add animations, add shape dividers, increase engagement with call to action and more.


Construction Management Consultancy


Providing high-end hospitality, mixed-use, retail, and residential clients an unparalleled experience in the creation and delivery of their real estate developments and construction projects.

Purveyors of excellence for the built environment

CNSTRCT (con-struct) was formed as a unique consultancy and management company to provide our high-end clients unparalleled support for the delivery of developments and projects.

CNSTRCT offers development management, entitlement services, cost management, project management and general consultancy services. 

We can be your go-to team from the initial concept all the way through to project completion and revenue generating operations.

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Mixed use

100+ Years of Experience

The senior management team at CNSTRCT has over 100+ years of combined experience in both real estate development and construction markets. We bring our experience to each client to be sure that we approach each uniquely and in the best way possible.


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We offer high level consulting services from the senior team members at CNSTRCT where we would become part of your team and provide professional advice and guidance.

Real Estate Consulting

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Our team of Development Management experts have experience on a variety of conversion and ground up projects throughout the US, Caribbean, UK and Europe.

Development Management

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Utilized from initial conceptual budgets, all the way to final accounts, our cost managers have an in-depth understanding of the markets, financial modelling, budgeting, cost tracking and overall control of project finances.

Cost Management

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Our team is skilled at working within complex, high demanding stakeholder, fast paced environments so that we keep a strong eye on schedules, overall project delivery/quality and individual deliverables.

Project Management

Works we do


We eliminate the superfluous and enhance the indispensable. We give importance to light and matter. We are always looking for a compromise between functionality and aesthetics.

At the start of the assessment, we scoped out which requirements and features we wanted to implement by the assessment deadline. We used the assessment brief provided to us and and took into account the amount of time.


What we think

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination, at the end of the day, going forward a new normal that has evolved.


The real estate and construction industry truly is global. Companies and teams move around and keep long relationships. Therefore, we care about our reputation. We care that we have the right CNSTRCT teams with the right clients. We care about taking the time to formulate the right approach and strategy.

We care about all the project costs and details from start to finish. We care about the time and money you as our client are putting into your projects. We care about how you feel about the project and the teams involved throughout the project lifespan.

Keep an eye out as we expand the CNSTRCT CARE community.